We are an indigenous company that is service driven and specialized in Turn key power supply and distribution through the use diesel generators and all electrical installation works like domestic/industrial, transformer/sub-station installation. Shelter/site electrical, Diesel Generator procurement,supply, installation, maintenance, power assessment, load shedding, load balancing, change-over installation etc. Alternative Power Supply/Consultancy – Inverter, Wind and Solar System/ Energy Saving Lightings. Organizers of the yearly Alternative power exhibition (www.alternativepowerexhibition.com) Professionalism, Quality and PROMPTNESS makes us different.



The company is structured into 3 major sections.

  1. Electrical :
    Installation of gen sets with ground work – gen house, change over, wiring, etc
    Domestic and Industrial electrical wiring,
    Rural Electrification projects
    Nepa distribution transformer/sub-station installation with lines.
  2. Mechanical :
    Procurement of Generators of different ratings/generator parts for clients
    Overhaul of generators, Regular maintenance of different generators.
  3. Alternative Power :
    Installation of Alternative Power Sources e.g. Solar, Inverter, Wind Energy System.